Learn the Basics of Computer Science and Web Development

Two and a half years ago, I started doing every computer science and web development tutorial I could find. If I were starting again today, knowing what I now know, I’d do it something like this.

Start with the basics of computer science and programming.

Understand the fundamental interaction between your computer and the internet.

Run through HTML and CSS tutorials with quackit and w3schools. Play with more advanced front-end development at CSS-TRICKS and TheCodePlayer.

Learn about databases and how to search them with SQL.

Start on Ruby with RubyLearning’s Core Ruby Programming and move on to their Programming for the Web with Ruby course.

Learn the basics of Rails with RailsGuides. And, then get deeper with Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Web Development with Rails, Michael Hartl. Watch Railscasts for detailed lessons on implementing Rails.

Add Javascript and jQuery.

And some other fun stuff.

That’s the plan. I wouldn’t stick to it strictly. That’s what makes it so much more fun to learn with less stucture. I’d bounce around as I find things I’m interested in. I’d fast forward through the less interesting parts. And, I’d build stuff whenever I could. While I’m doing all this, I’d be reading Hacker News, searching Google and stackoverflow for answers to questions that arise, and checking the documentation of whatever I’m learning.

These are some of the tutorials and resources I’ve found most useful. The options are growing fast with resources such as Udacity and Coursera. If you have other good ones, please tell me.

I hope this is helpful for someone.