Sbobet : Suggested ways to recover from bet addiction



bet Suggested ways to recover from bet addiction

1- Coping with denial

The biggest dream of bet addicts is that one day, one day, by winning the bet, will be met with all his dreams. The gambler addicted to bet is that winning a gamble will endure her life and bring happiness and comfort to her. Although he always plays in bet, he still believes that one day he will pay a huge amount and all his life problems will be resolved. While all the evidence and experience show that bet does not have a winner, this is why the name of this behavioral addiction is “gambler” and despite the devastating consequences of this kind of addiction that can be faster than any other addiction To put an individual in the black soil and to ruin his life and his family, the addict to the gambler still has any money earned on any pretext, in the hope of gamble bet in bet, bet, or Better bets because, in addition to enjoying the gambler’s soul, he mistakenly believes that by winning the gambler all his wishes come true. Groups will be. An addict to bet, when he is bet, is always the same, instead of abandoning bet, he madly bets more, hoping to take away the money he has lost, or, in his own words, make his living alive Slowly And that’s how it goes on bet and losing it. The professional gambler believes that by winning the huge amount of bet, all his dreams of expensive cars, luxury homes, jewelry, stylish clothes and handsome friends will become reality. The bet addicted to this behavioral abnormality continues its bet so that it can go back and forth to its dreams and dreams. It does not matter to a gambler addict how much he lost in bet and what in life his family lost, his job and his property and assets because he closed his eyes on the facts and ended his work Which does not sit in the black soil of poverty and destitution. A gambler addicts continue to gamble in order to prove to others that they are mistaken, and only he who thinks right and, for a variety of other reasons, which does not seem reasonable and reasonable, will continue to gamble.


The biggest misfortune of bet addicts like other addicts is the denial of their addiction and the resulting problems. It is an irrefutable and very obvious fact that the greater the degree of addiction to bet with the more intense material, it denies its addiction more decisively. That’s why they called addiction “Disease Denial”. Although addicted to bet has created a variety of problems and disadvantages due to behavioral addiction, it ignores all of its problems and problems with specific tricks. In some cases, a addict admits to having a problem in his life, but stubbornly claims that these problems are not related to the bet or the use of drugs or alcohol. The addicted person does not just consider his addiction to bet or drugs and alcohol as a cause of his problems, but addiction as a solution to the problems of life. A heroin addict believes that heroin use gives her confidence and courage to give her a happy and joyful life. Fred Alcoholics believes that drinking alcohol will make his anxiety frustrated and better able to cope with his life and his problems. The casualty addict thinks he’s more fortunate than the others, and winning the gambler will make all his dreams come true. This illusion and inability to see the facts makes many addicts out of jail and homelessness centers, or suicide, to end their tragic and devastating lives. Although all the evidence suggests that addiction is the source of all the misery and suffering of the addict and his family and his relatives, the addict is the last one to admit to this fact.



An addict to bet, even at a time when he is winning, does not stop bet because he is never satisfied with the amount he has earned and wants to win more in bet. He continues bet and believes he will soon win a bigger amount in bet. A gambler addicts, like a drug addict who always wants to regain the same pleasure that he has consumed the first time, gamble every time that hope the same pleasure as first winning in bet Got it, feel it again. The main reason for the behavioral addiction of a addicted to bet is the illusion that he will overcome all the problems of his life in a magical and miraculous way. An addicted person never lives in a world of adult and mentally and intellectually healthy people. An addict often has not behaved like immature and intellectually rational, and thinks he can shape the realities of life as he himself likes. They do not want to believe that if they continue to gamble, they have no choice but to endure the problems and consequences of their behavioral addiction, and even if they win in the gamble, they can still not escape the realities and problems of life. All addicts suffer from their complexity and others are better off than others. An addicted person in every position in his life, every success he earns and the love and affection of others, still comes to materials or work like bet.

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